My first time at the NY Auto Show

 My post for ebay Motors Blog!

My post for ebay Motors Blog!

I've always been curious what the NY Auto Show was like.  After all it's in New York City, where the majority of people don't own cars.  I used to love going to auto shows to see all the concept cars.  It brought the excitement of what the future may bring.  It's been years since I've been to one, and this time I went with eBay Motors.

One of the big events this year was Ford Mustang's 50th Anniversary.  Ford not only unveiled their 50th Anniversary Mustang at the NY Auto Show, they also put one on the observation deck of the Empire State Building for 2 days, just like they did in 1965, when the Mustang debuted. 

If you're wondering how they got the Mustang to the top, they cut the car into 6 pieces to fit into the small elevators at 2am, and reassembled it before the observation deck opened on the same day.  I was lucky enough to attend Ford's 50th Mustang celebration at the top of the Empire State Building and see it for myself.  It's amazing to stand next to the Mustang and think about what it was like when they did it the first time in 1965.  Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I loved walking around the show with all the auto manufacturers' eye-catching displays and bright lights that made paint on the car look like it's still wet.  It's great to see the latest that manufacturers have to offer, while compiling my own "wish list".  Admittedly, there were some cars I just walked by, others I was drawn to, and others I couldn't take my eyes off of.  One of the cars I was instantly drawn to was the BMW i8.  A plug-in hybrid sports car, with the sexiness of a super car, and more.  From a driver's stand point, I honestly never wanted to own a hybrid, but suddenly the i8 was added to my list of "must have" cars, based on style alone.  This is the sexiest production car I've ever seen.  With a 1.5L twin turbo, 3-cylinder engine I could have some fun with, and with it's efficiency, I could realistically drive it everyday.  That's what I keep telling myself.  I need one. 

The other car I couldn't take my eyes off of, was the Toyota FT-1 concept.  Totally race inspired and everything my dream car would look like.  Finally, the first Toyota sports car that excites me since the Supra.  As excited as I may be about the FT-1, it's still a concept, and  I wonder what it will really look like if & when it goes into production.  For now, I'll keep my fingers crossed and see what happens.

 Mazda celebrating their 25th Anniversary and showing off all the generations of the MX-5 

Mazda celebrating their 25th Anniversary and showing off all the generations of the MX-5 

One of my favorite displays was Mazda, celebrating their 25th Anniversary of the MX-5.  On display were all the generations of the MX-5 (aka Miata).  Something any car enthusiast can appreciate.  The MX-5 is not only fun to drive, but it can teach you a lot about racing.  At the show, they debuted their limited-edition 2015 25th Anniversary MX-5, with only 100 being sold in the US.  Boy, would I love to get my hands on one of those!  

NY Auto Show

I had a great time at the NY Auto Show!  The biggest thing I realized, after not having gone to an auto show in many years, is that it's no longer all about the crazy concept cars and seeing what the future may bring.  The future is now.  The once concept cars, are current production cars.  It's amazing to be able to see the evolution of autos, and it's constant innovation.  It's happening faster than ever and it's incredible being a part of it all! 

Huge thanks to eBay Motors for inviting me to the NY Auto Show!

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