My Big Break to Become a Race Car Driver

Everyone asks me, how I became a race car driver. I call it destiny.  Here's my story of how I got my big break.

The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving... I was modeling for a wheel company at SEMA 2003. I had a goal train at Bondurant to get proper training to become a race car driver . After putting stunt driving school & drag racing school on my credit card, I couldn't afford another $5K, so I came up with a plan. Everyday during SEMA, I spent my lunch break trekking across to the north hall in heels, to meet the Bondurant Marketing Director. I did that for the whole week, but the timing wasn't right and he was never there.

On that Friday at 3pm, when the booth was quiet & everyone started packing up their booths, I remember standing at the desk looking down at my stack of posters feeling discouraged & thinking "oh least I tried". At that moment I hear someone say "can I have a poster?" I looked up, and the guy standing in front of me was wearing a Bondurant shirt that said "Marketing Director" and his name.  I immediately perked up, told him I how I was trying to meet him all week & gave him my 1 minute pitch of my driving background & my idea that I become Bondurant's spokesmodel and they train me to become a racecar driver. We exchanged business cards and he left. I just couldn't believe the coincidence! It was all I could think about for the next few days.

Four days later, I got an email from him saying yes to my proposal ! 4 months later I was training with them in Phoenix. Sometimes it just takes one person to change your life. The person who gave me this HUGE opportunity was Greg Fresquez. It set me on the path to achieving my dream of becoming a racecar driver. I am forever grateful for it. Til this day, I stop by the Bondurant booth every year at SEMA to say thank you to Bob and the guys, and finally managed to catch Greg there a few years ago ! My career has been lead by a series of more than coincidental moments like this one. Now, I realize they're not coincidences. This is what I was meant to do...I call it destiny.