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Some Girls Play Video Games, Verena Mei Lives Video Games

After Rally America posted Verena Mei's Fiesta Movement submission video a few months ago, she was chosen to become one of 100 Agents to be the voice of the new 2014 Ford Fiesta, with only 20 (including Verena) being ST agents.

Verena get's the use of a brand-new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST that comes with insurance and gas money!  Every month Fiesta Movement sends her on a special mission to accomplish, based on the monthly theme. Verena then documents the mission for all to see as she also competes in the Rally America National Championship in a Ford Fiesta.

She most recently competed at the New England Forest Rally and landed fifth in the Two-Wheel Drive Category - her best finish of the year.

For the Fiesta Movement July was Gaming month and Ford sent Verena Mei on her second mission called Virtual Rally-ty. In this video segment Verena attempts to see which Verena Mei is faster on the rally stage; A real-life Verena or a virtual Verena. Check out her video:

"I love video games, but It's been years since I've played any, so I thought it would be super fun to see what it'd be like if Leanne and I rallied in the game.  Most of my real footage was from last weekend at New England Forest Rally, which is now my favorite rally.  I had a blast playing DIRT 3, and editing out all the laughter was the hardest part!"

"I love being part of the Fiesta Movement, and my 2014 Ford Fiesta ST is amazing! I wish my race car was that fast, responsive and comfortable!"

Don't miss Verena's first Fiesta Movement mission. June was #fitness month and Verena's first month as an agent.  While back home in Hawaii, she set out on her mission to learn to paddle board on the north shore.  "I always wanted to paddle board, and being in the ocean, in my element, was perfect for my first mission."

Join Verena on her adventures by following, liking, posting and let her know what her next adventure should be!  #FiestaMovement @VerenaMei . August is #Adventure month for Fiesta Movement, so stay tuned she embarks on another awesome journey!

Source: Rally America